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Granting the Certificate of Offering Covered warrant (VRE/8M/SSI/C/EU/Cash-09) to SSI Securities Corporation

On November 26, 2020, the State Securities Commission (SSC) granted the Certificate of Offering covered warrants No. 274/GCN-UBCK to SSI Securities Corporation. The covered warrant of SSI Securities Corporation has the following contents: 

1. Name of covered warrant: Covered warrant VRE/8M/SSI/C/EU/Cash-09

2. Name (code) of underlying securities: VRE

3. Underlying securities issuer: Vincom Retail       

4. Total number of offered warrants: 5,000,000 warrants

5. Conversion rate: 1: 1

6. Kind of warrant: Buying 

7. Type of warrants: European 

8. Method of implementing warrants: In cash

9. Term of warrants: 8 months 

10. Bank for margin assets: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Ha Thanh Branch.  

The certificate is valid from the date of signing


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