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VIOD & ACCA signing MoU and workshop “Cyber resilience for the board of directors”

On 16 August 2018, the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) and Association of Chartered Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) signed the MOU to enhance the mutual cooperation in relating common issues to raise the awareness and promote good corporate governance as key elements for Vietnamese sustainable business. Following the MOU signing ceremony, two parties co-organised the workshop “Cyber resilience for the board of directors”. The workshop gathers the presence of Mr. Tran Van Dzung, Chairman of State Securities Commission, Mr. Stephen Heathcote, Executive Director (Markets) - ACCA Global, Mdm. Ha Thu Thanh, Chairperson – Board Director of VIOD and Deloitte Vietnam, Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Chairperson of Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors (VAA).


Mr Tran Van Dzung presented and gave his speech at the Ceremony

The workshop themed Cyber resilience for the Board of Directors discussed about the practical solutions applicable for business enterprises to step up to the challenge, learn from other organisations about how to manage the tidal wave of cybercrime. Via the workshop, directors will know how the cyber security is becoming inextricably linked to such fundamentally important tasks as protecting the safety and continuity of the business, ensuring confidentiality of sensitive data and helping the Board members understand and manage a wide range of cyber – risks.

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Chairman Tran Van Dzung and participants witnessed the Signing between ACCA and VIOD

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman Tran Van Dzung said that the ceremony marked the beginning of an important cooperation between VIOD and ACCA in raising awareness about the important role of directors, the Vietnamese business community as well as providing a transparent and dynamic business environment that supports the development of the securities market and the Vietnam's economic integration.

Increasing exchanges of expertise between ACCA members and members of the Board of Directors as well as the tendency of accounting and finance executives to become Board independent members is a global trend that VIOD and ACCA today marks the beginning of the trend in Vietnam.

Chairman Tran Van Dzung hopes that the workshop will help members of the Board of Directors of Vietnamese businesses in general and especially listed companies find out and exchange practical solutions that can be applied to their companies, as well as how the network security becomes more closely aligned with the security and sustainability of the business, securing the confidentiality of information and assisting its Board members in understanding and managing network security risks in different ways. The Chairman also congratulated VIOD and ACCA for their successful cooperation, and hope that the cooperation would contribute much to the development of the securities market in particular and the Vietnamese financial sector in general.


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